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Trends of Digital Marketing In 2021

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has changed how businesses function. More services and products have moved online. Many employees of companies are still working online. Several months of different customer responses to Covid-19 have revealed fresh insights into trends in marketing that suit the new normal and impact much of 2021. This accounts for the rise in the value of digital marketing agency USA.

The new byword for marketing is digital marketing. Following are some of the critical digital marketing trends of 2021:

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Organizations are prepared to devote more resources to SMM in 2021. For example, social media budgets amounted to 24% of SMM budgets in the US during Q2 of 2020, which was a rise of 13% from the previous winter. The pandemic has dramatically raised the quantum of time spent online by people that impacts how they research businesses, brands, and products.

Value of Real-Time Insights

Search insights are the closest factors relating to the real-time voice of customers. Consumers are explicitly informing brands about their intents, needs, and wants in onsite behaviour and queries. Suppose your company is not ready to listen, do analysis, and activate such insights with real-time personalization. In that case, you will be missing out on a tremendous opportunity for connecting and engaging with customers.

AI in Marketing

The world is abuzz with how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming everyday lives. The technology is expected to be worth $190 billion by 2025. In the field of marketing, AI is extremely effective, precise, and cost-effective. Examples include chatbots that solve queries across various websites and apps. Another example is fine-tuning content on social media platforms.

Consumers are already using chatbots without being aware of it. AI can be used well by marketers who know how to employ it.

AR or Augmented Reality

It is an interactive experience of a real-world scenario where objects residing in the real world are improved by perceptual information generated by computers. It has 3 basic features: real-time interaction, combining virtual and real worlds, and accurate 3D registration of real and virtual objects. AR has much use in marketing. An example is the marketing campaign of furniture giant, IKEA in which customers can view how pieces of furniture will look in their rooms through augmented reality.

Optimization of Voice Search

As per research by Review42, they found that 55% of teenagers make use of voice search daily. Such stupendous adoption by a single generation reveals how much potential it has. Another example of the importance of voice search is the rising adoption of devices like Alexa and Siri, which are smart speakers. It is also projected that by 2022, 50% of all online shopping will be conducted via voice results. This amounts to be a whopping $40 billion opportunity for exploitation by digital marketers.

Pragmatic Advertising

It is the utilization of software to buy digital advertising. The traditional way to do this consists of a request for quotes and proposals and human negotiation, while pragmatic purchase makes use of machines and algorithms to purchase ads. In Pragmatic advertising, AI is used for automation such that advertisers are able to target more specific audiences. Automation is efficient and quick, which finally enhances conversions and reduces the cost of customer acquisition.


In the bid to out-perform competitors, one must focus on personalizing e-mails, products, content, etc. This trend is set to be the industry standard. As per figures, 60% of consumers are annoyed with generic ads, while 90% find personalized ads appealing. Personalized e-mails are also a valuable marketing tool.

Video Marketing

It is the trend that is topping currently and will be so in the near future. Videos help to present the same information in a superior way, no matter what the device. As per SEO Tribunal, in case your website features a video, it is 50 times more likely to garner organic search results in comparison to plain text. The reason is that net users find a video to be highly captivating.

In sum, the future of Digital Marketing Agencies In Boston is full of opportunities and promises. With progress in technology, it is growing by leaps and bounds. The digital marketing Services USA can do well by keeping track of and responding to such trends.

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