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How to Manage a Successful PPC Campaign

In today’s market, running a PPC campaign isn’t enough. You will need one that can convert. Hence, a laid-back strategy simply won’t work for you. If you want your money’s worth from PPC, you need a full-proof plan behind designing, launching, and tracking your campaign.

Don’t know how you can do it? Let’s understand the four critical steps in managing a successful PPC campaign.

Selecting Your Keywords

Before using PPC, you must make a list of the keywords you wish to target. Keywords are phrases that people type in search engines to look up information online. If you are running an industry specific PPC campaign, you must know what your target audience is searching online, and only then you’ll be able to get paying customers.

With the right keywords, your customers are able to find you and your services. It is best to go with highly targeted long-tail keywords that reflect the intent of the customer. These keywords may have fewer people using them, but they definitely have the most potential to become paying customers.

If you don’t know how to go about keyword research, you can hire PPC services in USA to have experts do it for you.

Creating Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are necessary for your PPC campaign because they answer the questions that users have in mind. While you might want to direct them to your homepage, but it won’t provide a quality user experience, which is answering their questions.

Hence, you must include helpful, in-depth content and have them on your landing pages. Along with answering your question, you can offer other reliable sources of information for further queries. It will help in establishing trust in your brand, which will translate into paying customers.

Writing Your Ads

When you have your keywords and landing pages, you must work on writing your ads. Every ad needs a headline and call to action.

The headline would include the keyword you plan to target. You can also offer information about your company, brand name, recent awards, etc. Because the headline is shown in bold, it will grab the attention of users immediately.

When they have your attention, your work is to convert them using a catchy call to action. For instance, “sign up now,” “buy now,” and “call now” are strong calls to action, and that’s what you need to turn users into customers. It may seem redundant having it on your ad, but it does help you get clicks, which also means new leads and customers.

You could also include your email, phone number, signup forms, address, or other useful information on your ads to gain the trust of your users.

Tracking Your Results

What makes PPC so useful is that you can easily track it. You will get to see how many times the ad appeared somewhere, who clicked on it, how many times users clicked on it, and so on. With the data you collect, you can further refine your campaign and improve it.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage of users who click on your ads after seeing them. Your job is to improve your CTR as much as possible. Bounce Rate refers to the percentage of people who click on your ad but leave without doing anything. If your bounce rate is high, you need to revise your PPC ads immediately.

Closing Thoughts

PPC campaigns are highly effective, but they may not always offer the desired ROI. You need to focus on the right things to ensure you get the most out of your campaign. If you’re unsure how to go about it, feel free to talk to professionals offering the topmost digital marketing services in USA for assistance. It will help get your PPC campaign up to speed!

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