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Here’s Why Your Website Is Unable to Generate Enough Leads

You have set up your website, and it’s been up for some time now, but it isn’t bringing as many leads as you expected. It turns out, several factors that could be behind it.

Websites are judged based on several criteria, such as design, copy, ease of use, and quality. If your visitor doesn’t like something, they won’t take the necessary action – they may even not come back again.

So, what can you do? For starters, you can hire a web development company in Boston to revamp your website for the better. Here are some of the key areas that you need to focus on when you think of making changes –

You Need a Strong Call to Action!

When a visitor comes to your site and reads the copy, what should they do after that? You cannot expect them to stick around unless you give them a solid reason.

You must give your visitors a clear idea, and one way to do that is with a strong call to action. Be direct, which could be in the form of “subscribe now” or “call now.” Put it in bold with bright colours, so it gets their attention.

Stay Away from Complicated Contact Forms and Landing Pages!

Your form or landing page shouldn’t be forcing visitors to figure out how they can take the next step. Apart from making your call to action visible, you need to ensure that the entire process is simple.

It is best to go with an uncluttered design that has minimal fields and graphics. Highlight important information by setting it apart from the other information.

When it comes to the content form, don’t make it too long because visitors might abandon the task.

The Content Shouldn’t Be Poor or Insufficient!

You only get a couple of seconds to convert a visitor, and for that, you need to make a really good first impression. If the visitor cannot relate to the copy, which can be either the content or tone, they won’t feel like your brand is for them.

Poor grammar or spelling and vague details can add up to drive visitors away from hitting your contact form.

Whenever you describe a service or product, make sure that you are focusing on providing a solution to a problem that the visitor is supposedly facing. Mirror the style and tone of your market, which can be either technical or casual.

Before you publish, proofread and edit your content according. If you aren’t good at it, hire someone who can do it for you.

Make it Mobile-Friendly!

There may be potential leads that wish to convert but aren’t able to do so because they’re accessing your desktop site from a mobile device. Because more consumers are relying on their mobile devices to search and shop online, you need to make your website mobile-friendly to target this set of your audience.

You can hire the best professionals to adopt a responsive design for your site, which means your contact forms and landing pages will load seamlessly on several devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Don’t wait for your potential customers to open their desktop computers to access your website because taking a mobile-friendly approach will be worth more.

Wrapping Up

If one of your primary marketing goals is to generate leads, you might find it incredibly frustrating when the results don’t meet your expectation. However, if your website is the reason behind it, you can easily fix the problem by focusing on these core areas. Join hands with an experienced digital marketing company in Boston, and they can use their expertise to promote your brand on social media and the web.

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