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8 Types of Easy Content to Improve Blog Traffic

It isn’t a surprise that thousands of content pieces go live on the internet every day. They’re all created to give their respective brands an effective and powerful way to reach customers, establish authority, increase loyalty, and convert leads along the way.

Content marketing works by informing and engaging new customers, supporting different levels of the buyer experience, paying dividends forever, and driving profitable action to a business.

As a tool for online reputation management in USA, content marketing may seem pretty simple. However, bloggers face several challenges during the actual content creation process. They are often confused about –

• What kind of content should be published?
• How to find new ideas for content creation?
• How to find the time to create good content?
• How to make the right content for a specific target audience?

If you keep wondering the same, we have created a list of eight ideas for content creation that could help make quick and compelling content for your brand –

#1 – Infographics

Visual content is perfect for all digital devices, such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones, and infographics are a classic example of linkable and digital-friendly visual content. Infographics are known to drive links that are the secret to organic search visibility.

Some may think that infographics are difficult to produce, but with the right tools, it is possible to streamline the content creation process for digital marketers.

#2 – Tool Comparisons

Everybody uses tools, but the difficult part is to choose one out of the various options available in the market. It would be a great idea to create blogs that compare two products in a niche or industry.

The idea is to provide an objective and detailed look at the advantages and disadvantages of the service or product. By offering a candid opinion, it is possible to develop trust without your target audience.

Such articles are easy to rank when basic SEO practices are kept in mind while creating the content.

#3 – Statistical Lists

One great way to create content would be by collecting interesting statistics on a specific subject matter to write a blog post. Top 10, 15, 20, or even 50 lists can be effective, provided it is presented in a neat and organized fashion.

#4 – Listicles

Like statistical lists, listicles could be used for ranking top industry resources, influencers, blog posts, ‘worst of’ or ‘best of’ content, and so on. Content marketers will have a lot of fun while writing this content, and the viewers may enjoy going through it because of the easy-to-digest and organized approach taken while writing the content.

#5 – Interviews (Group)

Anybody who is experiencing writer’s block from creating 500-word blog posts should consider thinking outside the box. One great way to find content would be to ask influential people in an industry, high-ranked individuals within the organization, or even high-ranked professionals from a complementary brand.

The main job would be to come up with a list of unique, engaging questions for the interview to make it valuable and engaging at the same time. It can start with an introduction and end with a conclusion.

Taking the interview approach may take less time than one may expect, and it will definitely be more impactful. Anybody willing to take this approach must hone their interview skills to create greater value.

#6 – Prediction Posts

At the end of the year, creating content pieces that stand out from the festive clutter is good. The best way to do so would be to crowdsource opinions of several thought leaders within your industry or organization and create a future prediction post for the viewers.

#7 – Twitter Chats

A brand that hosts or participates in Twitter chats could gather content to post on its blog. Twitter chats usually last for about an hour, and the content ends up being washed away by newer updates.

However, content marketers could keep some of the Twitter chats evergreen by publishing them on their blogs and including their respective hashtags.

#8 – Video Transcriptions

A great idea would be to record an interview with an influencer or celebrity, transcribe it, and publish it online. Many creators take a different approach by transcribing somebody else’s interview and adding their thoughts and inputs to enhance the format to engage audiences.

Wrapping Up

Too much of anything won’t be good for your blog. For instance, posting back-to-back interviews can make you lose your brand identity. Therefore, it is best to play with different kinds of formats to maintain a unique style and find ways to surprise the audience.

If you don’t know where to start, get in touch with an experienced content marketing agency in Boston to help out with content creation, so you get great results while freeing up time to focus on the core aspects of the business that matters to you.

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