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5 PPC Trends to Watch Out in 2022

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are among the best ways to boost a business, especially if you’re aware of the latest trends and improvements. From individual start-ups to corporate advertisers, any business that wants to stay ahead of competition must invest its energy and time into keeping up with the top PPC trends.

While it may not be possible to predict exactly what will happen in 2022, we’re here to discuss a few emerging trends that are likely to stay.

Increase in Voice Searches

On-the-go searchers find it much more convenient to talk than type on mobile devices, tablets, home personal assistant devices, and TVs. Due to this reason, many PPC agencies Boston are implementing long-tailed terms in their campaigns for highly targeted engagements and lower cost per click.

Voice search is only expected to gain more popularity this year, and studies have shown that around 50% of consumers will start shopping using their voice strictly. It is due to the rise of m-commerce or mobile e-commerce, resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. If your digital marketing specialist isn’t optimising your ads to voice search, you’re bound to miss out on a large section of your audience.

Rise of Video Ads

It is no news that video ads are much more effective in getting your viewer’s attention. Research suggests that around 84% of consumers have bought products after seeing a brand-sponsored video. Platforms that host videos, such as YouTube, are growing exponentially. YouTube ads are relatively affordable while letting you access a large audience, and these ads are also available on search engine results. Hence, you might expect these platforms to offer additional features that allow advertisers to gain more value from their audience’s attention.

Better Mobile Experience

If you’re familiar with digital marketing, you won’t be surprised to learn that optimising content to mobile devices is one of the top PPC trends of 2022. You will win big if you perfect your mobile experience this year. At present, more than 50% of global web traffic is through mobile, and at least 70% of paid searches occur using these devices. Due to this reason, your advertisers must keep checking page speed to offer the best experience to buyers on mobile.

Additionally, if you make your landing pages more aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, it’s going to improve your conversion rates.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Automation is gaining momentum in the marketing realm and is bound to be one of the influential trends in 2022. If you wish to develop better PPC campaigns, you must get familiar with automation. Once you’re acquainted with it, you can channel your focus on looking for ways to use artificial intelligence to your advantage. Advertisers must fine-tune their machines and set up alerts for deviations instead of doing account maintenance daily on active campaigns.

Additionally, Google plans on automating descriptions and headlines that match search queries the best. Hence, it is paramount for brands to understand AI and automation to scale their campaigns efficiently to maximize PPC advertising spend and ROI.

Closing Thoughts

Change is the only constant, so you can expect PPC trends to evolve in the upcoming years. As a business owner, you must always be on top of your game to stay ahead of the competition. By having the best digital marketing agency Boston MA at your company’s aid, you’ll be better equipped to look at fresh ways of reaching out to your target audience in 2022. If you do not have the experience and expertise, it isn’t a bad idea to seek someone who has them.

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