Top 5 Ways Responsive Website Design Benefits and SEO Strategies

Websites are increasingly becoming an integral and compulsory part of any business across the world. Also, the increase in the number of mobile users and the introduction of multiple platforms for web access has led to increasing importance of building a website that will work perfectly on all of these platforms. Thus, the Responsive Website Design was introduced.

Responsive Web Design has been gaining popularity since the beginning of 2012. Increase in mobile web access platforms and variable device display dimensions made it imperative for websites to have responsive design in order to ensure higher customer/user satisfaction level.

At a time when competition in the business world is at an all-time high, every small step towards better service &solution counts. Websites have come a long from being a mere presence of a brand on the Internet. They are an integral part of advertisement campaigns and business development activities on behalf of the business organization. Websites are the face of the business and actively helps in brand positioning and brand image development. High competition results in diverse, changing and better strategies. Thus, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is being viewed as an inseparable task for staying ahead of the competition. Responsive Website Design directly assists SEO strategies and reduces the cost of SEO to a large extent. Let us check out how.

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Why should you have Responsive Website Design for better SEO?

1. Responsive Website Design is flexible – Thanks to the blending of CSS3, CSS, and JavaScript, or use of Bootstrap with PHP, responsive website design is extremely fluid and can fit into any dimension and can be accessed with ease on any device. The entire grid structure rearranges itself just like water does when it is poured into a container of different shape. This makes browsing through the website on any device much easier and website retains its full functionality without losing visual appeal.

2. Responsive Website Design is highly user friendly – Responsive website design makes the website easily accessible for users using any platform. There is no denying the fact that content is king. However, in order to ensure that users can easily access the information listed in the site and browse through it irrespective of the platform being used to access the site, it is important to have responsive design. Consider the platforms in use at present. It includes laptops, desktops, Smartphone, mobiles, Smart TV, and such others. Each has its very own screen dimension and there is no viable way to ensure that the website will fit all of these other than opting for a responsive design. Thus visitors get the perfect design depending upon their device and need not worry about resizing or scrolling through contents by themselves.

3. It is highly budget friendly – Responsive website design removes the need to have a separate mobile website completely. One website does the job of all. Building two website definitely costs more than building one. Besides, mobile websites do not provide full functionality and users will often be redirected to another site when they try to access the advanced options. This makes it difficult for the users to access all the features as well and they end up searching for competitive websites with the same services or features. Also, SEO cost is higher when there are two websites to take into consideration.

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4. Better control is guaranteed – Ask any person whether it is better to control one task or two at a time and the answer will be same. Managing one website is always easier than managing two. Having a responsive website design ensures that you do not have to think about having separate website for desktop and mobile platforms. Thus, you control just one website which is fit for all. This increases the efficiency of SEO activities as well. Since you will not be preparing separate SEO strategies for different sites, it offers better implementation of SEO activities. One site can have keywords specific to both mobile and desktop sites. Thus best SEO management is guaranteed with responsive web design.

5. Google recommends Responsive Website Design – If you are still not convinced that your business needs a responsive website design, here is the ultimate reason. The lord of search engine says you should have a responsive website design; what more do you want to hear? Google has continually changed its algorithm over the years and continues doing so with one objective – to provide better user experience and increase the accuracy and relevancy of search results provided against specific search queries. Google has reportedly tweaked its algorithm so that responsive websites receive higher rank in their search results. Keeping in view the user friendliness of responsive website design this is certainly the right step. Also, since a single site means single URL, it becomes easier for Google to crawl and index. Single URL makes it easier for users to share content across platform, which results in better experience and thus the higher rank in Google search result. With 67% world market share, Google is worth listening to.

In the end, the final decision rests upon you. But, considering the choice of modern users and their lifestyle, it is definitely advisable to opt for a responsive website design, even if that means completely overhauling the old website and launching a new one. It is every bit worth the investment.

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