5 Website Trends for 2016

5 Website Trends

When it comes to making your website a more comfortable and welcoming place to spend time at, webmaster and entrepreneurs are always coming up with new techniques to make the web edgier and more improved. 2016 is the new dawning for the web designing industry, where all the website moves away from clutter-oriented web designing for something more user-friendly, professional and seamless.  Here are 5 most observed trends of web designing in 2016, have a look at it:

  1. Full screen and not scrollable:  Full-screen sites is gaining traction finally. Instead of the web page that  scrolled through eternity which  almost become the standard way of doing home pages, those pages looks beautiful where you have to click in order to navigate. The key when designing these sites is to use the screen for limitations1
  2. Rich animation: Animation helps to enhance a site’s storytelling, making  a visitor experience more entertaining and interactive. However,  you have to consider where to stick these animations.  Choose the place where it reflects your site’s personality and elements. There are two types of animation large scale animation and small-scale animation.
    Here are 7 most popular animation techniques

    • Loading animations
    • Navigation and menus (nonscrolling)
    • Hover animations
    • Galleries and slideshows
    • Motion animation
    • Scrolling
    • Background animations/ videos2
  3. The logo is the loader: This is a huge trends and has become the first choice with the website agencies this year. Everybody wants it because it looks great and it gives the visitor a feeling that website is a part of a brand.
  4. Disrupted background images: Having a background image that fills the  whole browser window is nothing new, but now this is taking to the next level . So add some mouse hover effects on your background image and you are good to go.4
  5. Responsive design: Rise of mobile internet usage makes the responsive design incredibly popular.It represents a relatively simple and cheap way for businesses to build a fully-functional mobile-friendly site.5

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