A Breath Of Fresh Air

Breath Work

Breathwork is a simple breathing process. The result is a greater level of personal awareness. Awareness is the process of becoming conscious, conscious of our choices, decisions and judgments. By participating in a Breathwork session we get to view our life and decide to make new, more informed choices and judgements. We get to see, feel, and hear our experiences in a new light, with the assistance of guide, coach, mentor and Breathworker.

By doing this simple breathing process we get to breathe more. The way we breathe is reflection of our day to day experience. By learning to breathe consciously and more fully, it enables us to discover and release any tension we may have. It helps integrate changes into our lives. Change is not always easy, Breathwork assists in releasing the tension of change.

Breathwork began in the early 70’s by Leonard Orr and a small group of friends. This group discovered the immense impact that their birth had on their everyday experiences. Because of this the process became known as Rebirthing. Rebirthing has since undergone many changes and it is now often referred to as ‘Breathwork’ because the focus is on the breath.