Pay Per Click

Increase your ROI Immediately with PPC Campaigns

The quickest and the most controllable way to get your website noticed by your niche audiences is through Pay per Click. Control your budget and ROI on your investment easily through PPC campaigns.

Our experienced team of PPC is managing PPC campaigns from years now. With this vast experience, we have devised our own methods for managing campaigns which shall suit both small set-ups or large enterprises. We are sure with our campaigns designed especially to cater for your business, you will be able to reach your business goals in a short span of time.

If you are looking to boost your sales in no time or already have a PPC account and need some advice on it, Contact us NOW!

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Why Websource

  • We customize our PPC campaign to suit your business type.
  • We target the most appropriate keywords, without wasting your money.
  • We use Ad extensions, which are an important part of PPC arsenal.
  • We optimize the campaigns to improve the performance.
  • We report you timely, to show you the exact expenditure and sales through it.
  • We design the landing pages and maintain them also.
  • We set up your account and write all titles and descriptions.


  • Helps to target keywords which are tough to be ranked organically.
  • Helps to double the search engine page results.
  • Provides you SEO suggestions, to boost your rank through SEO methods also.
  • Helps you target the audiences only you want to target.



I was searching for a perfect company to bring my website to perfection in terms of design and Seo. Websource has matched with my expectations and the deliverable on the time and in budget.


I am absolutely 100% satisfied with the work completed and would highly recommend anyone looking to hire giving this freelancer a go.

- Simon Bound

I would be more than happy to answer any questions about this employee.

- Marilyn

She understand and saw my vision well and did a great job! Thank you for your valuable wordpress building skills. Highly recommended web developer.

- Repaintpro

Very good job done and will always use for anything I need doing

- Dale Davis